Executive Summary for Students’ Wellness: Wellness Survey Results (2017-2018)

A total of 79.7% of the student body completed the annual Wellness Survey at the end of Spring 2018 semester, regarding the 2017-2018 academic year. Results were examined for between-cohort and annual differences and trends, to identify student needs that could inform improvements to Mental Health Services and student wellness at Minerva in general. Results are also compared to a United States national reference group of undergraduate students. This document includes a brief summary of results as well as changes made for 2018-2019 AY, based on student feedback.

Survey Results

State of Minerva Survey

State of Minerva Survey Results 2016

We are glad to see strong scores overall with regards to community, the residential life programs, and support, as well as an overall positive NPS score among the student body. However, we also note several challenges: notably, low scores on some academic engagement questions, and differing NPS scores based on demographics such as graduation year, age, and transfer status

Product Team

Eye Break Pilot Results

31.1% of undergraduates responded. 63% of respondents noticed eye-strain symptom improvement. Students also appreciated taking a short cognitive break during class. We recommended to faculty that a short, 1-2 minute cognitive break be added when there is a natural pause during class.

Student-Led Surveys

Community Network Project 2017 Report

Community Network Project is initiated by Xiaofan, and now joined with Eliana Sullivan and Nícolas Gort to empirically study how Class 2019 is connected and how these connections have evolved. 


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