Minerva Health Insurance

All residential students are required to have health insurance (offered through Minerva at cost) as a condition of enrollment at Minerva. Minerva seeks to provide the most affordable and complete coverage available to students. Policies change annually as students travel.

Students are enrolled automatically in Minerva’s approved plan unless they do not qualify because they are citizens of the country where they are studying. This applies to U.S. citizens studying in the U.S, who are required to have their own coverage under U.S. law. In this situation, students are expected to obtain their own local health coverage or be covered by a government plan. All students will be enrolled in Minerva’s approved insurance plan and no waiver will be granted.

Students are informed on how to access local medical care, for both routine matters and emergency services, during the orientation period at the beginning of each term. Staff members assist students in accessing these services and seeking medical care. Staff and Residential Assistants (RAs) are also trained to handle basic first aid and respond to emergency situations.

Minerva does not have a hospital or health care clinic that provides services directly to students. 

Minerva staff contacts local hospitals, urgent care facilities, and clinics in advance of students’ arrival in each city to ensure that they will recognize the insurance that Minerva students carry, which expedites the delivery of care. Minerva staff members assist students in need of medical assistance but do not provide direct medical care. 

Based on the Medical Systems of each of the rotation cities we have cooperated with two insurance providers – PGH/United Healthcare which is a plan offered to freshmen year students in San Francisco (the USA), and GeoBlue for other Minerva rotation cities. PGH/United Healthcare  covers students only while in the USA, while GeoBlue covers students in all other rotation cities and more.


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