Student Life Purpose Statement

Student Life supports the Minerva mission by fostering student-centered learning environments and experiences in locations around the world, as consistent with Minerva’s guiding principles. 

Collectively, the team facilitates opportunities for students to engage in integrated learning outside of the classroom, through application of far transfer in the following realms: personal development, interpersonal development, intercultural competency development, professional development, civic responsibility development.

Updates to Student Life – Academic Year 2020-2021 

During the summer of 2020 the former Student Affairs and Student Experience teams reorganized into one Student Life team. As a result, we no longer use the team titles “Student Experience” and “Student Affairs”. You can learn more about the Student Life and Work Study reorganization here.  

In addition to the reorganization, Student Life reassessed all programs and experiences that we offer to students. The resulting Student Life Programming Framework organizes all experiences by purpose and consolidates programs with similar purposes into one. The goal is to break down previous silos and focus on our core offerings so that we can offer a more cohesive four-year journey for Minerva students. You can read more about the Student Life Programming Framework here

A summary of major changes are: 
  • The (re)introduction of Integrated Learning Outcomes (ILOs) as the central learning objectives for Student Life programs. 
  • The evolution of the Intercultural Competency Course (ICC) into the Integrated Learning Course. This program will be developed with the Class of 2023 and so does not exist in years 3 and 4 this academic year. 
  • Further clarifying the structure of Oxygen programs. We realized that programs like Fruits & Study and Mocktails were better suited as Community Programs. 
  • Changing the terminology of “Co-curricular” to now be called “City Experiences” since the former term is not easily understood or recognized outside of academic circles. City Experiences more accurately describes the purpose of these programs which is to expose students to a unique element of the local culture. 
  • We realized that the “What I’ve Learned” and “Ask an Expert” programs had similar goals and so we combined them into a new program called “Career Exploration Sessions” which will be run and facilitated globally by the Coaching and Talent Development Team. 
  • Civic Projects will now be called Civic Challenges as they will be organized globally around 7 complex challenge areas faced by society. We needed to adapt our partner strategy due to the pandemic and many organizations operating in uncertainty and therefore unable to commit to a typical Civic Project structure. With Civic Challenges various student teams will pursue the same challenge with a local partner who acts as more of an advisor and mentor to the student team. All students in the first and second year will be expected to participate in Civic Challenges as part of the Integrated Learning Course. 
  • Due to COVID-19 safety precautions we’re adapting our programs to be offered digitally and in a more distributed fashion. More experiences will be offered across classes than ever before. We’re considering student timezones and public health regulations when designing these programs. 

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