Coaching & Talent Development

Talent Development

What is talent development? 

Beyond Coaching, the CTD team provides a range of opportunities, resources, and training to learn about and explore different career paths, as well as to gain valuable skills through term-time and summer internships and other professional development opportunities. 

Career Exploration

Each month, CTD will host Career Exploration Sessions, 60 minute virtual conversations between Minerva students and professionals from all walks of life. These conversations are intended to help students gain insights into different career fields of interest, and discern what knowledge, skills and experience are needed to pursue chosen professional goals. Learn about upcoming sessions on the Portal and the CTD Global Calendar on The Hub. 

If you or your Student Initiative (SI) is interested in organizing or facilitating a Career Exploration Conversation, please fill out this form, and a member of the CTD team will get back to you within 72 hours.

The CTD team has also compiled a series of Functional Guides to help you better understand how to prepare for and apply to careers of interest. Each guide focuses on a specific job function (e.g., data science, scientific research), and provides advice and insights from the CTD team, fellow classmates, Minerva alumni and industry insiders. We intend these resources to be tailored to the Minerva experience and to be periodically updated by current students and alumni. View all Functional Guides here

Additionally, we encourage you to explore our Informational Interview Initiative, an easy way for you to connect with Minerva staff and faculty who are eager to support you on your professional journey. We’ve also curated a collection of written informational interviews with external professionals from diverse career backgrounds, which you can check out here

Career Management Labs and Resources

CTD offers labs to help you practice foundational skills in launching your career, including developing effective application materials (e.g., resumes and cover letters), storytelling (e.g., interviewing, elevator pitch, personal statements), and building a network. Please find details of upcoming labs here and be sure to register! 

CTD also offers resources to help you bring your best to any professional setting, including optimizing your internship experience, working effectively in teams, giving and receiving feedback, and how to work and communicate in a global context. See the Resources section of The Hub for helpful guidance. 


Minerva students who are eligible for work-study have access to professional development opportunities during the term through internship roles, whether with Minerva Schools, Minerva Project, or with a Minerva partner. These part-time positions are intended to be manageable in conjunction with your academic work, providing you with the opportunity to develop tangible work experiences and skills, while providing valuable contributions to the organization.

Additionally, all students are able to apply for internship roles at Minerva during the summer months. These positions are typically full-time, with more significant responsibilities and project work. Summer internships are an excellent way to continue to build your résumé, while helping Minerva grow.

To be considered for relevant opportunities, students are encouraged to keep their Portal profiles up to date. Please also note that your access and eligibility may be impacted by your academic standing, feedback received from previous internships, as well as overall conduct at Minerva.


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