Claremont Library

Learn how to use the Claremont online library for academic research.

SF Public Library

Learn how to make use of everything these libraries have to offer.

Course Readings

Instructions to make mandatory-reading-material purchases

Structured Study Session Resources

Structured Study Sessions (SSS) are designed to support first-year students in developing the necessary programming and writing skills to succeed in the Cornerstones.

HC Resources

Resources designed to help you improve your mastery of the HCs and your ability to transfer your knowledge of them throughout your time at Minerva.

Guide for Student Facilitators

This guide is designed to help you when you are assigned to facilitate active learning class sessions in Minerva courses.

Avoiding Plagiarism

This guide will help you understand what constitutes plagiarism, identify different types of plagiarism, and gather tips for how to avoid it.

Study Kit 

Page made by students for students to center information about learning better, boost creativity, time management, and other helpful daily tips.


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